Lovestory Wedding Aisle Runner and Celebration of Life Bunting for Jenny



Like many of our brides to be Jenny messaged us well before her wedding.

She had seen a picture of a Lovestory Timeline Aisle Runner with photos and knew it was just what she wanted for her aisle. So she paid her deposit to secure a place and said she would be in touch nearer the date.

Life does have a habit of getting in the way though and Jenny’s was no different- being a mum, running a home, working and planning and organising your wedding – can be quite a juggling act!

The wedding was getting nearer and as I hadn’t heard from Jenny I sent her a couple of emails just to check she still wanted a runner. Yes she did – and promised she would sort out the photos she wanted on it.

The actual process of designing the Lovestory Aisle Runner can take several weeks – from me receiving the photos, checking the quality and weaving them into a draft design – then to be rearranged and tweaked until the client has a final design that they are really happy with.

But, true to her word, Jenny managed to put some time aside to choose the photos she wanted and sent them to me with dates, names, places and special events.




After sending several drafts and a bit of tweaking between us,  we finally had a design that she loved and we were able to get it printed and sent off to her.

“Our aisle runner has arrived and is so beautiful and perfect. We can’t wait to use it on our special day.  The quality of it is amazing and we’re over the moon with it. Can’t wait to send you some photos!”




A few days after their wedding,  a message from Jenny popped up on my Facebook Page with some lovely photos of Jenny looking amazing, walking down the aisle on her Lovestory Aisle Runner with her Nana and Grandad by her side.

Jenny said-

“We had the most amazing wedding and everyone commented how lovely our aisle runner was.

Sadly, just 3 days after walking me down the aisle, my Grandad went out in his car, had a heart attack and died. We’re beyond heartbroken and struggling to come to terms with what has happened. He was only 70 years young and was the proudest man in the world at our wedding.

So less than a week from getting married we are starting to arrange a Celebration of his life”

Jenny had noticed the Photo Bunting we had started to offer on our website and asked if we would make some to use at her Grandad’s Celebration of Life.

Just when we thought our work was done with Jenny we were now playing a part in her life again. She must have spent hours with her family looking through some lovely photos of her Grandad and she managed to quickly send some to us that we could use for the bunting.



” Thank you so much for our lovely bunting in memory of my amazing Grandad. It was perfectly made and fantastic quality.  My Nana loves looking at it.

I didn’t think we would be ordering from you so soon after our beautiful aisle runner but thank you for rushing our order through in time for his funeral. “

We sincerely thank Jenny for allowing us to share her story – which is also maybe a little reminder to appreciate all the moments we have with family and friends.




Beach, Bubbles & Beauty and The Beast Wedding Aisle Runners

It never ceases to amaze me how many different wedding themes and ideas some of today’s young couples come up with when it comes to planning their wedding.

once upon a time wedding aisle runner design by

A Fairytale Theme aisle runner at Syon Park – The Great Conservatory

There seems no end to their imagination and resourcefulness.

Most settle with a colour to work their theme around – but there are a few who love to be different.

They want to celebrate their wedding day in surroundings with a style that reflects their personality and individuality.

Just a brief glimpse on Pinterest gives you a hint of the endless possibilities.

David and I  love being asked to add some special touches to our wedding aisle runner designs.

names crest design by

Paddy and Angela’s names crests design for their wedding aisle runner.


bride and groom on their wedding aisle runner by

Paddy & Angela with their names crests design.

As a surprise for Angela – his bride to be – Paddy asked us to create a wedding aisle runner design that included a crest for both their surnames .

beauty and the beast wedding aisle runner design by

Beauty and The Beast themed wedding aisle runner.

Lee and Lou, who were married in Cyprus, chose Beauty and The Beast for their theme.

 beauty and the beast wedding aisle runner

Samantha’s Beauty and the Beast theme wedding aisle runner .

wall hanging with husband to be's wedding proposal by

Wedding proposal on a wall hanging runner.

We were asked to create an aisle runner and a scroll type wall hanging for a Beauty and The Beast themed proposal photoshoot.

The Proposers based in London – plan the most amazing romantic settings for wedding proposals.

Our aisle runner and wall hanging were used in the beautiful Syon Park  – The Great Conservatory.

Photos by Trilion Productions.

wedding proposal at Syon park

Will you marry me ?


bubbles wedding aisle runner design

Bubbles theme aisle runner for a Wedding Vow Renewal service.

Jane and her husband were having a vow renewal service.

She wanted to surprise him with a runner with lots of bubbles, in his favourite football team colours …and some very special words from Inxs ‘ Tear us apart’ song lyrics.

vow renewal runner by

Close up of Jane’s vow renewal runner.

Emma’s theme was vintage – with hessian plus as her partner was a great Marvel fan she wanted us to incorporate that into their aisle runner design as well.

hessian style wedding aisle runner by

Emma and Jason at the altar with their personalised hessian and hint of Marvel wedding aisle runner.

hessian style aisle runner design

Part of Emma and Jason’s hessian style aisle runner design.


red scooter and skates wedding aisle runner design

Red ice skates and a red scooter complete the wedding aisle runner design.

Debbie the skater and hubby Mark the scooter enthusiast wanted a little bit of themselves on their aisle runner.

beach theme wedding aisle runner

Altar end of the beach theme wedding aisle runner

Dawn’s wedding theme was the beach and she wanted a wedding aisle runner design that showed hers and Paul’s footprints walking down the runner to the water’s edge where they would dip there toes in the water!

beach theme wedding aisle runner

Paul and Dawn’s beach theme wedding aisle runner.

footprints in the sand wedding aisle runner

Footprints in the sand.

Fairy Stories and films are often used as a starting point for inspirational themes  …

star wars wedding aisle runner

Star Wars wedding aisle runner

… and a final sneaky peek of our latest commission…

the yellow brick road wedding aisle runner

The Yellow Brick Road

…I wonder what will be next ?



A Personal Message On Your Wedding Aisle Runner

personalised wedding aisle runner

The first kiss as Mr & Mrs

As well as helping to create a beautiful entrance to your wedding ceremony, one of the benefits of having one of our personalised aisle runners is that  you can add your own special words, favourite quotes or song lyrics and personal messages.

One of our first aisle runner commissions was from Paddy who wanted to surprise Angela, his bride to be and wrote this verse to her.

personal aisle runner message

Paddy’s personal message to Angela

Brian was another groom who wanted to say something special to his bride…

Grooms promise to his new wife

Grooms promise to his new bride

We were approached by the father of a bride who had been quite ill and he wanted to surprise her with an aisle runner with a special verse from him.

personalised wedding aisle runner verse

A bride’s father’s message.

Many couples have their own favourite songs that often mean something special to them both….

bride and groom wedding aisle runner

Just married bride and groom on their aisle runner

Wendy and Justin chose to have some of Adele’s song lyrics  at the altar end of their aisle runner.

personalised wedding aisle runner design

Justin and Wendy had song lyrics on their aisle runner.

To surprise her husband , Jane had a runner full of bubbles for their Vow Renewal – with some special words – and in her husbands favourite football team colours!

personalised wedding aisle runner design

A runner full of bubbles

Some of our brides have written their own verses.

Angela had the whole of her aisle runner covered with special poems that she had written for each member of her family – this is what she wrote for the groom.

personalised wedding aisle runner verse

Bride’s poem for the groom.

…And some of Kate’s rhymes on her Alice in Wonderland theme Photo Aisle runner.

lovestory photo aisle runner



lovestory wedding aisle runner

Photo aisle runner

Walking down the aisle

Bible verses are chosen quite often too – Neeha sent us this lovely photo of her wedding runner and decorated aisle.

bible verse design wedding aisle runner

Sabrina had so much to say on her Lovestory Timeline aisle runner and so many photos that she wanted to share !

… Lots of lovely memories though and we love the photo she sent us – what a happy day for them.

wedding aisle runner with photos

lovestory timeline aisle runner

love story timeline wedding aisle runner with photos

She now has the aisle runner with all the photos and words pasted onto their bedroom wall so every morning when she wakes, she can be reminded of their special day 🙂

If you are thinking of personalising your aisle runner but not quite sure what verses or words you would like – we have some ideas in the Design Gallery on our website – and lots more besides – so just ask us.

…and if you have some favourites of your own we would love you to add them in the comments on here xxx

Meet The Team Who Make Beautiful Wedding Aisle Runners

….So here is a little bit about us – David and Margaret Ruaux  – the creators at Wedding Aisle Runners.

We started Wedding Aisle Runners four years ago as an antidote to retirement!

After spending many years as a professional photographer and printer, my husband David and myself a retired teacher, are now loving our busy life creating beautiful personalised aisle runners for our clients special day.

I love having the freedom again to use my artistic skills to create our special designs and I know that David’s keen eye and expertise makes sure the designs are printed perfectly.

We are based in Horwich,  Lancashire which is where we were both born and has been our home town for most of our lives.

Time away from Wedding Aisle Runners headquarters is spent taking our cameras and walking amongst the beautiful moorlands and woods of Lancashire – Rivington in particular- along with our Staffie Millie.

Hall Brook in Rivington with bluebells

Hall Brook in Rivington with bluebells

Further afield we just love Scarborough and the wonderful North Yorkshire coast.

We have a busy family life with frequent visits from our four grown up children and grandchildren as well as a 95 year old mum to keep our eye on!

As with many businesses now, most of our  customers find us via the internet and as a result we ship our aisle runners to many countries.

It is lovely to know that our aisle runners play such an important part in setting the scene to create a beautiful entrance to the wedding ceremony.

The best thing about making our wedding aisle runners is that, because they are not standard products and need to be personalised, we get to know our clients well and understand what they are looking for, all of which makes our bespoke service even more special.

Here is just one of  the many kind words we get sent to us.

A lovely wedding aisle runner review

A lovely wedding aisle runner review

Thank you for reading our little blog and we hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about us at Wedding Aisle

…and remember

  • if you have any questions
  • or would like a sample piece of runner posted  to you
  • or need a quote
  • or just want to talk through your ideas

…we are only a click, email, phone call or message away.

Dad Of All The Walks Wedding Aisle Runner

dad of all the walks verse by wedding aisle runners

Dad and daughter walking down the aisle

The Walk Down The Aisle.

…it’s that moment – after all the months of planning and the day’s excitement of getting ready, now with all your guests seated – it’s just you and your dad waiting for the music,  your cue to take that very special walk down the aisle together.

It is a special moment indeed for the daughter and her father and not surprising that many brides choose to have a verse on their wedding aisle runner that is dedicated to their dad.

Dad of all the walks we have taken together

This is the one I’ll remember forever.

Lovely words for any dad to read as he takes that memorable walk with his daughter.


dad of all the walks verse by wedding aisle runners

hessian style dad of all the walks verse by wedding aisle runners



It has usually been the father of the bride who walks with her down the aisle to ‘give her away’  but nowadays as life and circumstances change, the bride may choose to walk on her own, or with her mum, both parents, a brother, uncle, son, best friend, or the bride and groom may choose to walk down the aisle together.

Samantha, whose mum was to accompany her down the aisle , had asked us to make a personalised wedding aisle runner with a ‘Mum of all the walks verse’ on it as a surprise for her mum.

mum of all the walks verse by wedding aisle runners

Absent Family Members

The wedding ceremony can be an especially emotional time for those couples whose family members – in particular the father of the bride- are no longer here.

Some couples choose to have a photo or some special words on their wedding aisle runner so they can be remembered and still be a part of the ceremony.

Hayley,  whose brother walked her down the aisle, chose to have the words of her father’s favourite song ‘Apple Blossom Time’ on her aisle runner.

personalised wedding aisle runner by wedding aisle

apple blossom time verse by wedding aisle

Your Own Verse and Photos.

We have just completed a beautiful wedding aisle runner for a bride who wanted to include a lovely photo of herself when she was a little girl holding hands with her daddy as they walked on the beach towards the sea.

She also wrote her own special poem dedicated to him – I will share with you all after her wedding- it is lovely.

To have us create a special wedding aisle runner for you,  simply tell us your ideas, send us your photos and we will do the rest.

Don’t forget to check out our Design Gallery for ideas too :-


dad of all the walks verse by wedding aisle runners .co.uksabrina-2wedding-aisle-runner-m


Love Story Aisle Runner In Portugal

What an amazing setting for a wedding ceremony – and made even more unique by a Love Story Timeline wedding aisle runner.

This was Sabrina and Enda’s beautiful wedding ceremony setting in Albufeira, story timeline wedding aisle runner with photos

Sabrina had seen one of our timeline aisle runners on our website-with it’s photos, dates and captions telling the story of the couple’s journey from the first date to the day of their wedding – so she knew exactly what she wanted.

love story timeline wedding aisle runner with photos

The most difficult part for Sabrina was choosing which photos to include but she eventually trimmed them down to a mere 40!

love story timeline wedding aisle runner with photos

Starting at the entrance end of the aisle runner the photos showed how their love story unfolded – from when they were babies, to first dates, holidays, parties, special moments, to the proposal.

love story timeline wedding aisle runner with photos

We love how Sabrina and Enda also included a special verse and photo of Enda’s mum who had passed away – so she was still with them on their wedding day.

love story timeline wedding aisle runner

Guests enjoying reading the Love Story before the start of the wedding ceremony.

love story timeline wedding aisle runner with photos

A special walk up the aisle for Sabrina and her dad Raymond as they share past memories and make new ones.

love story timeline wedding aisle runner with photos

…and finally the moment where Sabrina and Enda say their vows to each other with their family and friends around them.

love story timeline wedding aisle runner with photos

The smiles on their faces say it all, what a super happy couple.

love story timeline wedding aisle runner with photos

The end of their story so far… but the beginning of many new chapters for Mr & Mrs Curren.

…and we just love that their love story wedding aisle runner is now the new wallpaper in their bedroom where they can be reminded of their amazing day every morning.

PHOTO CREDITS – Birch Photography Albufeira

Amazing 2016 For Wedding Aisle Runners

What an amazing 2016 !
Thank you to all our lovely couples who allowed us to create a very special aisle runner for their wedding …and some have even sent us their photos to share
If you would love us to design an awesome aisle runner for you just call us on 01204 419906 🙂 xxx