Hot Pink Gerbera Wedding Aisle Runner

hot pink Gerberas aisle runner

It was no wonder Hayley  and James chose Gerberas  for her flowers – what vibrant colours –… we loved the hot pink and white ones and were so pleased to include these in their wedding aisle runner design.

They chose one of my favourite verses for the entrance end of the runner:-

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take… but by the moments that take our breath away”

a moment to take your breath away

…I think that was one of those moments for James – seeing his beautiful bride Hayley.

Hayley said:-

Hi Margaret,

Thought you may like some photos from our special day, and the fantastic aisle runner you created for us!

Love it very much!!

Hayley Xxx

wedding ceremony

We love seeing our aisle runners in action 🙂

As an extra we created a summery, hot pink Gerbery sign to welcome all the guests as they entered the ceremony.

welcome to our wedding canvas

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