Surprise Lovestory Timeline Wedding Aisle Runner

surprise lovestory timeline aise runner

Michael wanted to surprise his bride to be Laura with a wedding aisle runner crammed full of photos from when they first met to the holidays and special moments they had shared and their engagement and finally their wedding day.

He worked hard and dug out all the photos and wrote some lovely verses and captions for me to work into their 30ft long runner.

The lovely thing was that Laura knew nothing of this and as she walked up the aisle at the start of the ceremony the runner was not there.

Michael had arranged for his groomsmen to roll it out as they were signing the register.

We love the photo he sent of himself and Laura walking down the aisle at the end of the ceremony with Laura looking at the photos and reading Michaels’ special messages.

Michael wrote:-

” Hi Margaret,

Laura loved the runner, everyone thought it was amazing. A few people have asked me where I got it, so you might have a few orders coming your way.

I got the groomsmen to put it down while we were signing the register !

– there will be more pictures once we get the photos back, but it was brillant, everyone’s ┬ástill talking about it.

Thank you so much it was great day an the runner was amazing.


Michael “


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