Pretty Snowflakes and Sparkly Silver Wedding Aisle Runner

This aisle runner was a surprise for Leanne and Derek, organised by both mums.

As the wedding was at the end of December they asked if we could design something sparkly and wintery.

For the altar design they chose a pretty mauve heart to enclose the couple’s names with silver snowflakes and fir trees with a very special message from them placed at the entrance for the couple to see at the beginning of the ceremony.

Derek’s mum sent us this lovely email:-

Hi Margaret,

I’m sorry I meant to email you the other day but it’s been a bit hectic.

I received the Aisle runner and it is absolutely beautiful, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Once again I thank you for all your trouble and I will certainly pass on your website.

Now I just can’t wait until they see it themselves.

Margaret Oswell


wedding aisle runner

wedding aisle runner winter wedding

And the lovely thing about our aisle runners is that you can have a part of them as a keepsake for ever РDerek had part of theirs  framed as a Valentine gift for Leanne.

wedding aisle runner keepsake


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