Love Story Wedding Aisle Runner At The Mons Calpe Suite Gibraltar

photo wedding aisle runner

What a stunning wedding destination – The Mons Calpe Suite, situated at the top of The Rock of Gibraltar.

This venue was Dawn and Kevin’s chosen place to exchange their wedding vows.

Dawn asked us to create an aisle runner as a surprise for Kevin.

It was to be a love story timeline  –  with photos, dates and captions – from the first meeting, shared holidays, getting engaged, time spent with friends, the friends who couldn’t attend on the day and a special picture of Kevin’s mum who had passed away.

We love how these special moments and photos are shared with us and really enjoy weaving them into a design for their aisle runner.

Dawn sent us a lovely email with Kevin’s description of his wedding morning :-

“I was so keen to get to the venue, not only did I get in the car half an hour early, I rode the cable car to the top rather than driving up to the top of The Rock.

When I was there Fernando (the venue manager) walked us through to the room and we saw the room setting and the beautiful flowers.

Then we walked up to the mezzanine area where the bar is and I saw the runner.

I knew you were up to something when you wouldn’t open the box and took your ‘red carpet’ up in a bag without opening it.

My uncle Kenny, uncle John and I walked at the side of the runner together.

We read every comment and looked at every photograph of our time together so far.

Then I saw my mum. I was already so emotional with it being our big day but when I saw my mum looking back at me, I just crumbled.

Kenny and I had a good hug and cried it out… uncle John walked to the window and was crying too.

It was amazing for you to do this. It was a beautiful way to bring my mum to our special day.”

Dawn commented-

“Thank you so much for more than fulfilling my vision of the runner’s part in our big day. Everyone loved it and the venue organiser could not believe
how stunning to looked on the way down to the wedding venue. I’ll drop you a couple of the photographs when I receive them”

… So just waiting for Dawn to send us some beautiful photos of their amazing day!

More Love Story Wedding Aisle Runners in our website gallery.


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