A Personal Message On Your Wedding Aisle Runner

personalised wedding aisle runner

The first kiss as Mr & Mrs

As well as helping to create a beautiful entrance to your wedding ceremony, one of the benefits of having one of our personalised aisle runners is that  you can add your own special words, favourite quotes or song lyrics and personal messages.

One of our first aisle runner commissions was from Paddy who wanted to surprise Angela, his bride to be and wrote this verse to her.

personal aisle runner message

Paddy’s personal message to Angela

Brian was another groom who wanted to say something special to his bride…

Grooms promise to his new wife

Grooms promise to his new bride

We were approached by the father of a bride who had been quite ill and he wanted to surprise her with an aisle runner with a special verse from him.

personalised wedding aisle runner verse

A bride’s father’s message.

Many couples have their own favourite songs that often mean something special to them both….

bride and groom wedding aisle runner

Just married bride and groom on their aisle runner

Wendy and Justin chose to have some of Adele’s song lyrics  at the altar end of their aisle runner.

personalised wedding aisle runner design

Justin and Wendy had song lyrics on their aisle runner.

To surprise her husband , Jane had a runner full of bubbles for their Vow Renewal – with some special words – and in her husbands favourite football team colours!

personalised wedding aisle runner design

A runner full of bubbles

Some of our brides have written their own verses.

Angela had the whole of her aisle runner covered with special poems that she had written for each member of her family – this is what she wrote for the groom.

personalised wedding aisle runner verse

Bride’s poem for the groom.

…And some of Kate’s rhymes on her Alice in Wonderland theme Photo Aisle runner.

lovestory photo aisle runner



lovestory wedding aisle runner

Photo aisle runner

Walking down the aisle

Bible verses are chosen quite often too – Neeha sent us this lovely photo of her wedding runner and decorated aisle.

bible verse design wedding aisle runner

Sabrina had so much to say on her Lovestory Timeline aisle runner and so many photos that she wanted to share !

… Lots of lovely memories though and we love the photo she sent us – what a happy day for them.

wedding aisle runner with photos

lovestory timeline aisle runner

love story timeline wedding aisle runner with photos

She now has the aisle runner with all the photos and words pasted onto their bedroom wall so every morning when she wakes, she can be reminded of their special day 🙂

If you are thinking of personalising your aisle runner but not quite sure what verses or words you would like – we have some ideas in the Design Gallery on our website http://www.weddingaislerunners.co.uk – and lots more besides – so just ask us.

…and if you have some favourites of your own we would love you to add them in the comments on here xxx

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